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Jannes Van Rossom


Being a drummer since he was a kid, Jannes starts doing very basic recordings in his attic room when he is 15 years old. After a few years of practicing, he goes to RITS in Brussels (BE) to start a sound education. After two years he quits and moves to Hasselt (BE) to go study at PXL Music.
During this three-year education he learned the trade from people like Werner Pensaert, Stijn Verdonckt, Filip Heurckmans, Steven Maes and many others.
He had 4 months of traineeship with Margret Van Den Heuvel (Hillsuite 7 Management). She sent him out to work with David Poltrock, Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) and Peter Schmidt in Berlin. In 2014 he graduated as sound engineer and has been working full time in recording studios since then.

Bands he has worked with::
Double Veterans, DVKES, Tubelight, Slow Pilot, Jasper Steverlink, Yevgueni, Razen, Steak Number 8, Manoeuvres, BRUTUS, The Guru Guru, Pothamus, Douglas Firs, Stories From the lost, Carne Di Petto, ROZA PARKS, De Mens, Rusty Roots, PELICAN (live album), Russian Circles (live album), Helsinki (the band, not the city), The Scabs, Jacle Bow, Tom Helsen, Celestial Wolves, Fitzgerald, Marco Z, TOGTONT, Sean Dhondt, Harry Ballz Foreplay, All We Expected, Last Of Us,...